Cutting-edge research on wireless networks for the industry.

Our Mission.

Planning and design
of Campus Networks

We adapt the latest technological solutions in wireless networks and wireless propagation modelling to the specific use cases of our customers. By using our own software and mathematical tools, we can design your wireless network to address your needs or optimize your existing network.

Open RAN solutions

We tailor 5G software components to address specific quality-of-service requirements, and we integrate them with commercially available hardware. Whether you need 5G connectivity for your business or a network for prototyping your own products, we implement your campus network.

Artificial intelligence solutions
for wireless networks

With our artificial intelligence solutions, your network learns to improve its performance with little or no human intervention. It will also be enabled to make suggestions for possible changes or upgrades. Read more about our AI-powered campus network in our latest article which has been recently published in ITU news magazine.

Startup founded
in the heart of berlin.

We are a German startup founded in the vicinity of world-renowned research centers such as the Fraunhofer Heirinch Hertz Institute and the Technical University of Berlin. Our mission is to bring cutting-edge research on wireless communications to commercial hardware, especially in the field of campus networks. Our focus: campus net works.


Wanted: talented software developers and wireless engineers.

Work with our team of wireless technologies experts on innovative products.

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